Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shiru swatches

I ordered from shiro a bit ago and received my package in a timely fashion. It came with all my little samples in a pretty red mesh bag, which i've since recycled to hold my magnetic poetry on my fridge. YAY! I also received a couple of business cards. I have swatched everything... but I tend to feel like swatching isn't sufficient for me to make any real comments about the product. Once I've worked them into a look I'll feel more confident about offering my thoughts.
Sorry about the quality of these pics...

From top to bottom:
column one: s.s. anne, squirtle, lance the dragon trainer, vulpix, zubat
column two: charmander, rattata, articuno, pikachu, mew
column three: jigglypuff, acid, brock the rock, mewtwo, hyperbeam
column four: team rocket, bulbasaur, butterfree

Follows are some swatches of shiru cosmetics:
each picture has no primer on top, then the oily lid shadow primer in Dark Buff from the All Natural Face, then detrivore primer, and, lastly, Pixie Epoxy.

from left to right: mew, pikachu, articuno, rattata, & charmander

from left to right: hyperbeam, mewtwo, brock the rock, acid, & jigglypuff

from left to right: (primer), zubat, vulpix, lance the dragon trainer, squirtle, s.s. anne

from left to right: butterfree, bulbasaur, & team rocket

Some of the sparkles are tricky to see, so I'll try to describe my faves below (that I've used... because, as you know, even with swatching some of the vibrancy is tricky to see until you attempt to actually USE them!):
hyper beam: black with silver glitters (although, I have seen some multicolor glitters peeking out... sort of a random aurora borealis)
acid: an intense chartreuse to neon lime green with green, silver and yellow glitters.
bulbasaur: crayola green with sparklies
pikachu: (my absolute FAVORITE!!!) This color is so unique... it's an intense yellow with ruby sparkles. I'm sure I will be doing quite a few looks using this color... I'm a big fan of green but I also ADORE yellow and black (which has more than a little to do with the fact that my band is called bee sting sessions ^_-)

Have you used shiro? What's your favorite color(s)?

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