Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I did an all GDE look today. I used the Jessica Harlow collection and pretty much followed her tutorial, but slightly modified to make it less intense, used pixie epoxy as my primer, used boots no7 mascara, and lined my upper lashline with Erzuli to create a winged, cat look.

For those who may not be familiar (or who don't want to watch her vid)... Lid was "shamrock"; inner v, under eye and highlight was "disco white", and crease was "ladies night"

Please pardon my eyebrows.

My face: Meow
Cheeks: Detrivore "Gallows"
lips: vitamin e and hempseed oil mix

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Town Lake Look

I live in Austin, and I went on a hike early this morning... during my exercise I decided that I would create an eye look to pay tribute to town lake. For those of you who don't know, town lake is right next to the bat caves... so that's why my "winged" eyeliner is oddly shaped.

This one is a bit tricky... Of course I applied my Primer, and then pixy epoxy to lid, crease, inner v, and under eye. Then, I applied GDE "Boyfriend Sweater" to inner v and under eye. I created a wide vertical v in the middle of my eye with Shiru "Lance the dragon trainer" on lid and crease and Shiru "Articuno" on top leaving the outer corner and part of the inner free. I then applied Detrivore "Amazon" to the inner portion of lid to crease and Detrivore "ophelia" to the remaining inner shade area. Next, I applied Shiro Mew to the outer corner and up to the brow. I blended well. I used my Erzuli naturagel eyeliner in black to apply the winged liner to upper lash line.
Face: Meow cosmetics pampered puss mix: Himalayan 1+2
Cheeks: Detrivore "Gallows"
Lips: a little bit of hempseed oil and vitamin e

Blue... again

This look is pretty easy...

Products used:
GDE "Disco White" on inner v and to highlight
Detrivore "ophelia" to first 1/3 of lid
Shiro "Squirtle" 2nd 1/3 of lid
Detrivore "Brine" 3rd 1/3 of lid
Detrivore "mushroom Blue" to crease
lined with Erzuli naturagel liner in black
Mascara 100% pure

Monday, June 28, 2010


Howdy... I know it's a bit much to do both a blog post AND put these contests in my sidebar... but I stole the idea from Nukleopatra... it really makes it easy if someone starts following me after the post would show on their dashboard... Let me know if you think of a better way... but I thought it was super smart! ^_^


I have compiled a list of a couple of giveaways that I am going to enter and that I think you would like... I will also put these guys in my sidebar, if you want to keep an eye on that, I'll update it pretty regularly.

Turtle Beauty Giveaway June 30th

Forever 21 Giveaway July 1st


Georgie's 150 followers Giveaway July 5th

Makeupaholic Giveaway July 10th

Libby's Pink Vanity July 11th

Roro 1 Year Anniversary Blog Contest July 17th

Imperfectly Painted Birthday Giveaway July 19th

Productrater Giveaway July 21

Sorry for the douchebagerry...

Hello, all... I just realized that I haven't been very good about responding to your comments on my posts... I will be trying to play catch up with that because I really LOVE feedback. Especially if it's constructive (I am, after all a musician and actress... I thrive on that stuff). So I will be going back in the archives (aren't many yet, thank goodness) over the next couple of weeks and responding to comments and from here on out I will not be that douche who doesn't interact with other folks in the blogosphere.

Thanks for being awesome and I hope you all have a great day!!!

peace, love, and gratitude;

T, the Bee

Going Green

I decided to go green today. This look ended up looking like a modern spin on a flapper style... more bohemian than normal... but I AM a hippie chick, so I guess it fits! hahah. Also, please try to ignore forgive my unsightly brows.

Pixie Epoxy
GDE "Shamrock" Inner v, under eye and inner 1/4 of lid
Detrivore "Amazon" the rest of lid
Detrivore "Brine" to middle of lid lightly to create depth
Shiro "Acid" above amazon
Manic Panic eyeliner in "black" to upper lash line
GDE "Ladies Night" to upper lash line (layered on top of Manic Panic) and in lower water line
Boots no7 "Extreme Length" Black
Physician's Formula Healthy Wear spf50 "Transleucent Light" Applied with included sponge
Meow Pampered Puss combination of 1+2 Himalayan (half and half)
Detrivore "Gallows"
Cheek and Jaw contour:
Physician's Formula Healthy Wear spf50 bronzer "light"
Fyrinnae "Deceptive Innocence"

My ninja turtles poster behind me. YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! hahaha.

I think the flower and earrings makes the look appear more flapper... what do you think?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nails... BEEEEEE

Keep forgetting to post this... My Black and Yellow nails... I LOVE THEM!!!!

These are all the products I used. That Black nail polish is my go to... the other was actually a friend's yellow... but I'm in bee sting sessions so if I can't think of another color I'd prefer I generally stick with black, yellow, or some combination thereof.

This is the preeety yellow!!!! And the awesomeness that is my nails!

NV Beauty: Sedona lace Contest

I decided to go with a wearable avant garde look.

Based on this picture:

Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Powder Foundation in "Transleucent Light" Applied with included sponge
Used a Straight Edge and applied Meow Wild Child Blush "GAL" on both cheeks
Then applied Fyrinnae "Electro Koi" underneath in a 1/2 inch wide strip
blend the two upward
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to lid and crease
Fyrinnae "Banana Mochi" to inner v, inner 1/3 of lid, and inner 1/2 under eye
Fyrinnae "Lust Bunnies to middle 1/3 of lid blended with "Banana Mochi"
Fyrinnae "Kamikaze" to outer 1/3 of lid and the outer 1/2 under eye blended with "Banana Mochi"
Detrivore "Ophelia" as highlight
Detrivore "Mushroom Blue" in crease
Boots no.7 extreme length mascara in black
Fyrinnae "Deceptive Innocence" lip lustre

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frofesional look

Today I had to look professional... so I went with a shimmery nude-ish/orangey look.

Pixie epoxy to lid, crease, and under eyes
Shiro "Charmander" to inner v and under eyes
Shiro "S.S. Anne" to lid
GDE "Show Off" to crease
Shiro "Brock the Rock" tightly along outer edge of where crease and lid meet creating a v with outer 1/3 of upper lash line
Lined with Erzuli naturagel black eyeliner along upper lash line and lower water line

Acid in wonderland look

pixie epoxy on the lid and a little bit under the eye
Shiro "Acid" to the inner v and under the eye
Fyrinnae "We're all mad here" to lid and into crease
Fyrinnae "Twinkle Twinkle little bat" tightly in crease from the outer edge to 2/3 in and along the upper lash line to create a v as well as framing outer edge of crease
Aromaleigh "cricket" to highlight
Fyrinnae "curiouser and curiouser!" mixed with ANF "seal it" to line upper lash line and extending out to form a tail with bent liner brush.
Lined lower water line with Erzulie black eyeliner
Boots No. 7 black mascara

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Renpure Organics

So... when I was at Walgreens the other day I came across Renpure shampoo. I have been super lazy and haven't bought my normal goth rosary hair care supply and had JUST run out, so this was a lucky find. I'm really weird about parabens and other yucky unnatural ingredients and there was a rebate offer so I figured I had nothing to lose! Plus, I prefer purchasing products made in the US whenever possible and this is a US based company! I purchased the "I love my hair! Body and Shine Shampoo" and "Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor". I have only used it once, but the scent was light and fruity (and didn't make me sneeze... which generally happens). My hair also looks great this morning. It remains to be seen how well my hair will look after continued use of this product, but the chances of a favorite are high so far.

Has anyone else tried Renpure? What did you think? If not, what hair products do you prefer?

lazy day

So... so far today I have only applied my Physician's Formula Healthy Wear foundation in light and corresponding bronzer with 100% pure mascara in blackberry.

Here's a pic of me and Phil.

And here are my children, for those of you who aren't aquainted:

Romeo "hand banana" Peebody (aka Mr. P, Hand Banana, and Mr. Stinky)

Juliette "moo" (aka sour patch kid, naughty thing, and little moo)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

FREE Things!!!

Fashioned in finland is offering a giveaway for her year anniversary... So check it out if you haven't already. ^_^

EOTD from yesterday...

My look from yesterday was also pretty simple... I applied ANF primer, pixy epoxy (of course) first. Then High Voltage Cosmetics in "Pin Up" from lashline to eyebrow. Aromaleigh "italian ice" went on inner v and under eye. Next, I applied Aromaleigh "tainted love" to lid and "googoomuck" to crease. I put fyrinnae "boytoy" tightly in crease, lined with erzuli naturagel eyeliner in black (with tail) and wore boots no7 mascara.

My face was just my normal meow mixture of sleek and inquisitive himalayan and I used my physician's formula healthy wear bronzer. I broke out some Dr. Hauschka red lipstick right before I left, too.

Christon, Derek Ellsworth (from TX Offenders), and moi

TX Offenders and Bee Sting Sessions... the two three piece bands that played at parlor n. loop last night. Was TONS of fun!!!!

EOTD... from yesterday.

I did my friend, Christon's eye makeup before my band's show yesterday... Here it is...

This look was relatively easy. I applied morgana joust under eye and to inner v, shiro squirtle all over lid and shiro charmander in crease and blended well. I also used fyrinnae chaotic muse with ANF seal it to upper lash line for liner.