Thursday, June 10, 2010

My makeover (pic heavy)

My friend, Polly, also did my makeup. Unfortunately, she didn't give detailed instructions as to what she DID... just products she used. However, this opens the door to possibility. I wonder how many different looks could be created using these same products with the minimal instructions she gives?!?!?!?! Please link to it if you have any to share. ^_^

here are a couple pics with the product listing underneath

Face - Meow Pampered puss face powder (she used mine, it's mixed 2 parts sleek himalayan and 1 part frisky himalayan
Blush - Meow "flirt" and Morgana Minerals "fortress"
Black Liner for beauty mark
Brows - meow browbeaters in auburn
Eyeshadow - GDE "Dirty Jeans"
Detrivore "Brine"
Detrivore "Ophelia"
Eyeliner - "intense black" small line top lid
Bottom Eyeliner - fyrinnae "sleepy hollow"
Mascara - (I was already wearing 100% pure in black tea) She put on a silver glitter gel mascara. I think it was glitter sniffer.
Lipline - Morgana "fortress" fill in with Fyrinnae "Romantique"

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