Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yellow and Orange

I just saw this post from Make-upisMYwig in the awesome facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle. I'm really short on time nowadays and have been wanting to post some makeup bloggy goodness. When I saw this inspiration I had to do a look!

Here's my modification of Talia's yellow and orange look: All I used was concrete minerals primer, NYX #ES81 Chick, and Fyrinnae Electro-Koi Since I'm short on time and money I rarely use foundation, anymore. Follow the above link to see Talia's YouTube tutorial! ^_^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello, all. Just an fyi. I will probably be absent from posting for a bit. My work just bumped me to full time, I'm attending school full time, and I try to do music at least a couple hours a day (pre-production = LOTS of practice, don't you know?). My MA level ethics class is about to start, but (thank goodness) I was given a thorough syllabus early. So... while I'll certainly ninja onto facebook and keep up with everyone else's awesome looks... I probably won't be posting many myself for a bit.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year and I can't wait to see your awesome looks! ^_^

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12.27.11 Busy Bee look

 <----My Awesome "Busy Bee" T-shirt!

I've already mentioned this, but my old roomie and bestie, Polly, got me this awesome "Busy Bee" shirt from a resale shop a while back. It's green with a yellow sparkly bee decal. Needless to say, I love it. I wear it as often as I can... and have done at least one other look inspired by it. ^_- Today is a holiday smokey eye hippie rocker chick look that it inspired. 

This is what I used:
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Primer: nude
detrivore - primer
Venomous - Eyelash Viper
Fyrinnae - Dressed to Kill
Fyrinnae - Dragon's Wing
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Liner: Black
Kat VonD - Puro Amor Mascara: Black

*I opted to not wear any foundation or blush, today. I tend to do that as often as I can, lately. I do music... maybe I'm just keeping in line with the rocker chick theme. That said, I will keep my lippie or gloss of choice handy (nothing for lips in the pics, but I'll probably bring e.l.f. trendsetter or trophy wife coupled with hempbalm). ^_^

p.s. I can't tell you how much I LOVE "Dressed to Kill". Anyone looking for an awesome, sparkly pigment for New Year's Eve should definitely consider it. ^_^

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Look

Today's look used the following:
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Primer: Sheer Nude
Detrivore - Eye Primer
NYX - Eyeshadow: Chick
GDE - Electric Lemonade
Aromaleigh - Rocks!: TaintedLove
GDE - Olivia Green
Kat VonD - Tattoo Chronicles Palette: DownTown
Kat VonD - Tattoo Chronicles Palette: Helsinki
Kat VonD - Puro Amor Mascara: Black
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Liner: Black
Spell Cosmetics - Poison Apple

Meow - Skinny Dippers: Medium Himalayan
Meow - Pampered 0: Inquisitive Himalay

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate or not... I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by. ^_^

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pink Eye... er... you know what I mean. ^_- 12.23.2011

Hello, all. Today, I decided to get UBERgirly and do a pink look! Here's what I used:

Fyrinnae - Princess of Darkness
Fyrinnae- Candy Coated
Shiro - Mew
Venomous Cosmetics - Pegasus
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Liner: Black

Kat VonD - Puro Amor Mascara: Black

Meow - Shattered Equinox Blush: Rhetorical Ruin
Meow - Skinny Dippers: Medium Himalayan
Meow - Pampered 0: Inquisitive Himalayan

e.l.f. - Mineral Lip Liner: Peach
Spell - Lip Gloss: In Silence
Herbal Mineral - Natural Gloss Stick: Berry Pink

I also did a neat-o up-do. I just parted my hair down the middle (I generally like to do a more zig-zag style part... so I did) and reverse french braided each side to create two braided buns on either side. (Princess Leia style? Not quite... I have a better trick for THAT! ^_-)

Another Houston Texans inspired look 12.22.2011

Hello, all. Although the Texans had a disappointing night, last night, I wanted to share yet another Texans inspired look-creation. ^_^ This is what I used:
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Primer: Nude
Detrivore - Primer
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Liner: Midnight (I noticed it was misspelled on some of the labelling "Midnought" *giggle)
Wet 'n wild - Eyeliner: White
Detrivore - Afterworld
Meow - Supernaturals: Psychic
GDE - Mingles
Fyrinnae - Biker Chic
Fyrinnae - Cheshire Cat Grin
Aromaleigh - Rocks!: Tainted Love
Kat VonD - Puro Amor Mascara: Black

Meow - Shattered Equinox Blush: Rhetorical Ruin
Meow - Skinny Dippers: Medium Himalayan
Meow - Pampered 0: Inquisitive Himalayan

e.l.f. - Mineral Lipstick: Natural Nymph

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Never Too Much Sparkle Inverted Smokey Eye

 The Facebook group "Never Too Much Sparkle!" is doing a weekly challenge for an inverted, holiday smokey eye that integrates green and red. My eyes aren't to terribly wide set, but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try corrective shading for those with that problem, by completely inverting the way I normally do my smokey eye looks; adding shadow to the inner corners, this time. The results were surprisingly chic! Of course, I did some shading to slim my cheekbones to offset the effect of the eyeshadow.

Products used:
e.l.f. rose mineral eye primer
concrete minerals eye primer
detrivore primer

NYX Jumbo red lip pencil
GDE Martini Olive
GDE Olivia green
Aromaleigh Tainted Love
GDE Cloud Coverage
GDE Urban Trash

Kat VonD puro amor mascara
Meow Cosmetics browbeater auburn
Wickedly Clean blush Pastel Pink

e.l.f. lipstick natural nymph
NYX Jumbo Red lip pencil

As you can see, I used greens on the lower, red to the inner corner, and white to the outer.

To the right is the super-quick, hippie version of this look ^_-. I washed everything off and left the GDE martini olive mixed with GDE Olivia Green that remained on the lower lashline.

Peace, love, and gratitude this holiday season. ^_^