Sunday, June 20, 2010

Renpure Organics

So... when I was at Walgreens the other day I came across Renpure shampoo. I have been super lazy and haven't bought my normal goth rosary hair care supply and had JUST run out, so this was a lucky find. I'm really weird about parabens and other yucky unnatural ingredients and there was a rebate offer so I figured I had nothing to lose! Plus, I prefer purchasing products made in the US whenever possible and this is a US based company! I purchased the "I love my hair! Body and Shine Shampoo" and "Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor". I have only used it once, but the scent was light and fruity (and didn't make me sneeze... which generally happens). My hair also looks great this morning. It remains to be seen how well my hair will look after continued use of this product, but the chances of a favorite are high so far.

Has anyone else tried Renpure? What did you think? If not, what hair products do you prefer?


  1. I've been thinking about trying Renpure, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I'll have to give it a go next time I buy shampoo/conditioner.

  2. So far I'm very pleased. If you're a vegetarian who likes organic, animal friendly stuff... I would HIGHLHY recommend using Goth Rosary Shampoo... that's my first choice... but this has definitely become my second! ^_^

  3. Thanks, I am, in fact, a big old hippy vegetarian who likes organic, animal friendly stuff. Hee. I'll check out Goth Rosary, too. Thanks for the tips! (I really like all the all-natural/organic/animal-friendly stuff you've reviewed, so thanks!)