Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Herbal Mineral

clockwise, beginning with the bottles in back: licorice brightening oil, green skin oil, breast enhancement oil, rosie cheeks glowing night cream, hemp shine control sunscreen spf 25, coffee bean caffeine eye cream, anti-aging coq10 firming eye cream, and herbal hydrating face cream in the middle.

The above picture is by no means exhaustive of my experience with herbal mineral products. In addition to the products above, I have also tried their bright eye illuminator, natural gloss stick, rosy lip butter, cocoa sun balm spf45, and a bar of face soap (I'm not sure what the exact product name is, but it was a purple-ish color)
I will do my best to review them below:

licorice brightening oil: I do feel that this product has lightened my freckles a bit (they're pretty light to begin with) and, more importantly, really moisturizes the skin. I generally use this at night before applying the rosie cheeks night cream.
green skin oil: This stuff is great. There are only three ingredients, hempseed oil, vitamin e oil, and tea tree oil. I used this in the morning before applying the hydrating face cream. Since I've run out, I just made up my own batch.
breast enhancement oil: I don't really need to increase the size of my breasts, but I just thought it would be fun to do this so that I don't forget to do my self exams. hahaha. Since I've been using it, though I have noticed more firmness (which is what I would have wanted, if anything). I'm quite pleased. Also, it has a nice, clean, tangy citrus scent. yum!
coffee bean caffeine eye cream: Unfortunately, it doesn't really smell like coffee... but it does work great! It's really comfortable, the consistency is not too heavy, but not too watery either.
anti-aging coq10 firming eye cream: I generally wear this at night, it is a great consistency and applies easily. I haven't really seen much of a difference. However, I don't really have lines yet, so this was mainly a preventative.
herbal hydrating face cream: AWESOME! Smells wonderful and is just the right consistency for easy blendability.
bright eye illuminator:
natural gloss stick: Tastes minty and feels great. I got the color berry as a free gift with purchase and was really happy with the bright, vibrant pink.
rosy lip butter: I really like this for when I want a muted, natural lip. It feels and looks great on and really improves the moisture of the skin. I will caution, it tastes like roses, too.. which can be both good and bad.
cocoa sun balm spf45: I really liked how this product smelled, like candy. It worked well, too, but it didn't last very long. Of course, I am almost 6 feet tall, not a small woman by any stretch, but it seemed like it was gone pretty quickly.

would I shop here again? Absolutely! Would I recommend these guys to a friend? Already have!

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