Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ok, so to explain a few things to some of yousguys out there... I am a couple of things for sure: hippie, goth, metal, musician, singer, artist, frugal, prefer organic, prefer indie, hate douchebags.

me...hating douchebags. ^_-

Now that I've prefaced this post with an about me disclaimer I will share one of my favorite sites. Once you get to this site you can click on mehandi, where they sell henna, spellstone stuff, indigo, and all other sorts of awesomeness. I have had really bad dandruff until I found that henna and cassia obovata can really soothe the scalp for people like me. My hair is already pretty red, but the henna just really brings out the natural highlights in addition to helping with my scalp and the cassia just makes it more shiny. In fact, when my hair gets long enough I might dye the ends with the indigo (makes it black... black and red... BRUTAL) Anywho... they have a couple of other products of note. One of my faves is bar soap especially for hair (WONDERFUL for air travel) and bar moisturizer.

Anybody here used henna or indigo or been to What did you think?

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