Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hawaiian themed using my newly consolidated collection

 I used bifrost on the inner portion of the lid and under the eye.  Bitey was on the lid and sugar skulls in the crease. I used VS serenity to tighten the crease for a more smokey look.
 I wasn't sure if I should add mascara and liner... so I left it out. This is for a kickboxing fitness class event (with a live dj, woot) so I want to avoid anything running as I sweat. Oh yes, and that reminds me, I definitely used pixy epoxy.
 I just bought this new BB cream, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. Although, I haven't researched it much yet. Up to this point I've been pretty pleased with most Rimmel products, so I just went for the random purchase.

I also set the BB cream with L'oreal TrueMatch Mineral Powder in natural beige and bronzed with Neutrogena healthy skin blends in 20 pure.

15 minutes later ...sod it! I have to have my liner. It really finished the look.
I just used a small brush and Wet n' wild Carbon my reach black liner gel. And, last but not least the arbonne mascara. That stuff smells divine. It's so worth the money. If you want to get some arbonne stuff, let me know. My sister is a sales lady for them.