Friday, November 25, 2011

Galactic 11.25.11

Products used:
e.l.f. primer blush
Concrete minerals primer
Detrivore Primer
Fyrinnae Equality, 
Fyrinnae Leif, 
GDE Disco White, 
GDE Phyrra, 
Morgana Fortress, 
Shiro Mew, 
wnw purple, 
wnw green 
wnw white 
e.l.f. mineral Black eyeliner 
e.l.f. mineral peach lipliner , and 
e.l.f mineral lip gloss night owl
e.l.f. mineral foundation light
wickedly clean blush pastel pink

 This is my look for the Never Too Much Sparkle Makeup Showcase on facebook. Galactic is the first thing I thought of... the prompt is actually Galaxy. One thing's for sure... this was fun! ^_^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

11.24.11 neutral look

e.l.f. mineral primer (blush)
Fyrinnae Species 8472 to create a line just above the crease on the outer 2/3
Meow Shattered Equinox: grandiloquent just above Species 8472 brought all the way in (extending "crease")
Meow Egyptian Treasures: Ra above grandiloquent (to create a gradient)
Spell cosmetics (the color fell off... but I seem to remember "Latte"... it's a light, matte beige colour) to the inner 2/3 lid under cut crease
Aromaleigh Latte to outer 1/3 lid
wnw eye pencil white to inner v and inner 1/3 lower lashline
wnw eye pencil green to lower waterline
e.l.f. eye liner in black to upper waterline
e.l.f. eyeliner coffee to upper and lower lashline (extending out, on top)
Kat Von D Puro Amor mascara black

e.l.f. mineral foundation
wickedly clean blush "pastel pink"

e.l.f. mineral lip liner raisin
e.l.f. mineral lip gloss Night Owl

11.23.11 LOTD

Products used:
e.l.f. primer blush
concrete minerals primer
Detrivore primer
Liners: e.l.f. midnight and black, wnw white and purple
Fyrinnae Rebellion
Meow Sardonic
Concrete minerals Ether
Concrete minerals lithium
Fyrinnae Lights of Quebec City
Kat Von D Puro Amor mascara black
Wickedly clean blush pastel pink
e.l.f. mineral lip liner peach
e.l.f. mineral lipstick rosy raisin
e.l.f. mineral lipgloss trendsetter

Monday, November 21, 2011

Purps ^_^

e.l.f. mineral eye primer
concrete minerals eye primer
Concrete minerals - Arsenic widely to crease
Fyrinnae - Shinigami to define crease
Kat Von D - Galeano to lid
Morgana Cryptoria - Fortress to outer 1/3 lid (layered atop Galeano)
First Class - just under eyebrow, to highlight
Wet n' Wild eyeliner - Purple to upper and lower lashline
Wet n' Wild eyeliner - white to lower water line
Puro Amor Mascara - black

Wet n' Wild eyeliner - purple as lipliner
random lip moisturizer containing primarily hempseed oil
Spell Cosmetics lippie - Venom

e.l.f. mineral foundation
Almay naturals transleucent mineral foundation
e.l.f. all over color stick persimmon

Once again, apologies for the poor quality of the pictures. I hope that you can at least get an idea for the look.

As you know, the complexity of many of these artisanal pigments is really tough to capture on camera, anyways. Thanks for your understanding. ^_^

Do you have a favorite GDE, Morgana Cryptoria, or Concrete minerals pigment?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Green and Cream

This look was prompted by a song called "Green and Cream" by Guilt Machine. As you can see... the colors are NOT Green and Cream. However, it seems that the album is extremely personal and explores depression. So... what better way to celebrate that than with some blues? Regardless of what you think of the look... you should totally listen to the song.

Kat Von D - Night of the Hunter to outer 2/3 crease and outer v
GDE - Olivia Green just above Night of the Hunter into crease
Kat Von D - Holy Bible to inner 2/3  lid
Fyrinnae - The Staggering Sailor to outer 1/3 lid
Wet n' wild eye liner - green to upper and lower lashline and waterline
Fyrinnae - The Staggering Sailor layered atop liner
Wickedly clean blush
e.l.f. mineral foundation
e.l.f. mineral lip gloss - trophy wife

This is the complete look.

green and yellow from 11/18/2011

Products Used:
GDE - Electric Lemonade
GDE - Martini Olive
Wet n' Wild green eyeliner to lower lashline
Wet n' Wild sparkly black liner
and I can't remember the rest. :-( I know... fail

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pink and Green 11.17.11

I got a couple of wet n' wild eyeliners yesterday on the way to the bus (they won't make change and all I had was fivers... so I had a totally legit excuse to buy makeup. AND... it was buy one get one half off! YAY!)

e.l.f. mineral primer
Fyrinnae - Darling Misfit to crease
Morgana Cryptoria - Fortress to outer 1/3 lid
Fyrinnae - Samhain Spirits to middle 1/3 lid
Fyrinnae - Titania to inner 1/3 lid
Kat Von D - Camila just under brow to highlight
Wet n' Wild eyeliner - green to upper lashline and lower
Wet n' Wild eyeliner - sparkling black to lower waterline
Kat Von D - Puro Amor mascara black

e.l.f. mineral foundation
Wickedly Clean blush

The look is far more vibrant than it appears... I will have a decent camera, soon, so you can see the colors better - but this works for now. ^_^

Also, I'm something of a hair person (I'm pretty decent at up-do's, those integrating braids, especially) You can't see it... but I did pin-curls to everything but my braids. What's nice about this 'do (if you will) is that you can be messy and it looks awesome when you take it out! ^_^

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I don't remember exactly what I used for this look... but I know I had green, blue, and purples. ^_^

11/16/11 look

Kat Von D - Blacksmith to outer v

GDE - Mingles just inside v (outer 1/4 of lid)
Aromaleigh Rocks - tainted love to middle of lid and just above blacksmith (blended well! ^_^)
Kat Von D - Precious to inner lid
Kat Von D - First Class under eyebrow to highlight
Sunset Blvd. under lower lashline
e.l.f. mineral liner to upper lashline, outer 1/3 lower lashline, and lower waterline
Kat Von D - Puro Amor mascara (black)

For using such a vibrant red... this look came out pretty wearable, I think! ^_^

Monday, November 14, 2011

11.14.11 look. ^_^

Meow Cosmetics - Shattered Equinox: Sardonic to outer v and outer portion of cut crease
Meow Cosmetics - Shattered Equinox: Deranged inside outer v to create gradient and middle portion of cut crease
Venomous Cosmetics - Blue ringed octopus to outer 1/3 crease
Fyrinnae - Darling Misfit to middle 1/3 lid
Fyrinnae - Delvian to blend Misfit into Blue Ringed Octopus, lightly
Meow Cosmetics - Shattered Equinox: Contagion just above crease to create gradient
Meow Cosmetics - Shattered Equinox: Bane to inner v and inner 1/3 lid
Fyrinnae - Samhain Spirits to inner portion cut crease (lightly, primarily to blend)
Meow Cosmetics - Supernaturals: psychic lower lash line, extending to outer edge
GDE - Ladies Night mixed with ANF mixing medium and applied as liner to upper lashline and outer 1/3 lower lashline (tightly; psychic should peek out underneath)
Spell cosmetics to highlight (I can't recall the name... but it's a VERY light, matte beige color)

e.l.f. mineral foundation
Meow Cosmetics - Rhetorical Ruin Blush

random hempseed oil based lippie
e.l.f. mineral lipstick in natural nymph
spell in silence (middle 1/3 of lips this was applied more sparsely)
e.l.f. mineral lipgloss in trophy wife

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Gold and bronze today, baby! ^_^

e.l.f. mineral primer
sula - I dare you (I'm pretty sure) all over lid
Meow Shattered Equinox - Tarnished just above crease
Meow Shattered Equinox - grandiloquent to crease/below tarnished (to create a gradient)
Meow Egyptian Treasures - pharoah to outer 1/2 lid
Meow Egyptian Treasures - ra to inner 1/2 lid
Meow Egyptian Treasures - Obelisk under lower lash line
Kat Von D - Sunset Blvd. layered over obelisk
Meow Supernaturals - aura under eyebrow to highlight
Fyrinnae - Monarch Butterfly mixed with ANF seal- it and applied to upper lashline and outer 1/3 lower lashline
Kat Von D - puro amor mascara black

e.l.f. mineral foundation
wickedly clean blush - pastel pink
e.l.f. mineral lip liner peach
random lip moisturizer with primarily hempseed oil
e.l.f. mineral lip gloss - trophy wife
Almay pure blends

Friday, November 11, 2011

Skyrim Day - Guilded Butterfly look. ^_^

So... I JUST posted yesterday's EOTD... This one is for 11.11.11 (Skyrim day) and reminds me of a guilded butterfly... maybe because it's got some really pretty blue and gold hues. I hope you like it! ^_^
e.l.f. mineral primer
concrete minerals eye primer
detrivore primer
Fyrinnae - Biker Chic just above crease
Fyrinnae - Medieval Haunting on outer 1/2 lid (all the way up to Biker Chic)
Fyrinnae - Sleepy Hollow atop Biker Chic, and to outer 1/2 lower lash line
Kat Von D - Sunset Blvd. to inner 1/2 lid, inner v, lower inner 1/2 of lash line and blended into inner crease
Kat Von D - Holy Bible under brow to highlight
Kat Von D - Helsinki on top of holy bible
e.l.f. mineral eyeliner - black to upper lash line (creating a very slight wing), lower water line, and outer 1/3 upper water line.
Kat Von D - Puro Amor Mascara black
Wickedly Clean - pastel pink blush
e.l.f. mineral foundation - fair
e.l.f. mineral lip liner - peach
e.l.f. mineral lipstick - natural nymph
Spell cosmetics - poison apple lip gloss

Also... I got my bangs cut yesterday. I really like them! ^_^ It's starting to get colder, here, and this will help keep my forehead warm. :-P

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Minimalist, on-the-go rocker chick

Minimalist rocker chick, on the go, 60's style look. Today I have a LOT of schoolwork to complete. SO... easy is the name of the game.

e.l.f. mineral eye primer
Kat Von D - Evil monkey to crease
Kat Von D - Precious to lid
Kat Von D - Helsinki just over crease
Kat Von D - Camila under eyebrow
e.l.f. mineral liner - black; upper lash line creating a winged effect and outer 1/3 lower lashline, then lightly smudged
e.l.f. mineral lip liner - peach to the rest of the lower lash line and lips
e.l.f. mineral lipstick - Natural nymph
I didn't use any face powder, etc.

As you can see... this is a SUPER simple look! ^_^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

wed green

Most of you probably already guessed this... but the majority of my makeup stash is green colors, at the moment. So... I may have quite a few green looks coming up. Today's look, in accordance with my previous statement, is green. ^_^

 e.l.f. mineral primer
concrete minerals primer
Detrivore primer
Kat Von D - blacksmith to outer v
Kat Von D - Nerd just atop prior and into crease
Fyrinnae - Leif to outer 2/3 lid and outer 1/2 lower lashline
Fyrinnae - Dragon's wing above blacksmith/nerd to create a gradient
GDE - Cloud coverage to inner 1/3 lid and inner v
Kat Von D - Precious to inner 1/2 lower lashline
e.l.f. black mineral eleliner to upper lashline, extending to create a v; lower waterline; outer 1/2 upper waterline; and lower, outer 1/3 lower lashline
Fyrinnae - Boytoy atop liner

Kat Von D - Black mascara
Wickedly Clean blush
e.l.f. mineral makeup
Almay transleucent powder

e.l.f. mineral lip liner - peach
e.l.f. mineral lip gloss - trophy wife

All in all, this look wasn't too terribly difficult or time consuming (believe it or not). What do you think about green eyeshadow? What's your favorite eyeshadow color?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Phyrra Inspired look

So... blogger extraordinaire, Phyrra, is an admitted purple and teal lover. She even has her own GDE color! So... I decided to do a look integrating those two colors. This is what I came up with:

e.l.f. mineral primer
concrete minerals primer
detrivore primer
Kat Von D - Blackhearts to outer v and outer 2/3 crease
GDE - Phyrra just above blackhearts (to create a gradient) and inner 1/3 crease (blended well. ^_^ )
Fyrinnae - Rebellion to outer 2/3 lid
Fyrinnae - Curiouser and Curiouser! to inner 1/3 lid
kat Von D - Holy Bible just under brow (to highlight), inner v, and under lower lashline
e.l.f. mineral liner - black lower water line, outer 1/2 upper water line, upper lashline (creating a wing), and outer 1/4 lower lashline (LIGHTLY smudged.)
Kat Von D mascara - black

Face was the following:
e.l.f. all over color stick - Persimmon; I applied this just under cheekbones and blended up with my just-washed hands.
Almay pureblends transleucent shimmer to face
e.l.f. mineral gloss - trophy wife

Hope everyone has an awesome day! (At least it's not Monday. :-P... well... for most of us. ^_- )

Monday, November 7, 2011


 Fyrinnae - Dressed to Kill cut crease, outer 1/2 upper and lower lashline, and outer v
Fyrinnae - City Glam Lights of Auckland just above crease
Fyrinnae - We're all mad here to outer 1/2 lid
Kat von D - Sunset blvd to inner 1/2 lid
Sula - I dare you just under eyebrow to highlight
e.l.f. - black mineral eyeliner to lower waterline, outer 1/2 upper waterline, outer 1/4(ish) lower lashline, and upper lashline (creating a wing)
Kat von D - Mascara black

Face and cheeks were the same as yesterday. ^_^
I'm sure I've said it before, but it bears repeating... my camera is NOT the best. Apologies for not being able to show you the true complexity of the colors.

This look was actually inspired by a couple bloggers (EyeGraffiti and Painted Princess) who have recently done glitter cut crease looks. They're fabulous! (You should see links in my blogroll to their bloggy blogs... I highly recommend you go forth and view them. ^_^) I don't have much eye safe glitter, save the Fyrinnae City Glam glitters I have, so that's what I use.  While they're beautiful and sparkly, they're tricky to see on camera.

The blurry version of the complete look is on the left. That awesome shirt I'm wearing says "busy bee" and my bestie, Polly, got it for me. (She lives in Oregon, now... I miss her. /sadface ) The shirt was a big influence for the look (as you can see. ^_-)

One more thing... Unfortunately, I will not be able to purchase new makeups for a while. That being said, I will continue doing looks with what I have.

Thank you so much to all who give me feedback, inspiration, encouragement, and/or those who just dig the blog. Yousguys are awesome!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

foosball inspired look

The majority of the teams we're hoping will win today have red and/or blue. Here's what i came up with...

GDE - Mingles to crease
kat Von D - Speed blue to crease (layered atop primarily the bottom half of mingles to create definition and gradient) and to outer 1/2 lower lashline
Aromaleigh Rocks - taintedlove to outer 1/2 lid and just under crease (leaving inner 1/2 lid available)
Kat Von D - First class to inner 1/2 lid, under brow to highlight, and to inner 1/2 lower lashline
Fyrinnae - Mirrors just above crease for sparkle and gradient
Kat Von D - Blacksmith to upper lashline
Kat Von D - Black mascara

I think I may have smudged a bit of the blacksmith to the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline (trying to keep super close, so the blue would still show.)

Also... I used e.l.f. mineral primer, concrete primer, and detrivore primer (in that order) first. ^_^

I think it came out ok... not to terribly "4th of July-ish". What do you think?

p.s. sorry about the unruly brows, I didn't even realize until I posted this. lol. I have to brush those guys... or they have a mind of their own!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dethklok t-shirt inspired look using Kat VonD

Today's look was inspired by my Dethklok t-shirt. ^_^ (You can see it a teency bit in the pic).

Kat - Blacksmith applied in a defined line to the crease (cut crease)
Kat - WTF above the cut crease, blended
Kat - First class under brows and on lid
Concrete - Lithium to outer 1/3 lid and lower lashline
e.l.f. mineral liner - black to outer 1/3 lower lashline (VERY close to the lash... there should still be Lithium showing underneath) and the upper lashline (creating a wing)

Blush was meow Rhetorical Ruin
Face- e.l.f. mineral powder
Almay powder

 FYI: All of the "Kat" Colors are from the Kat VonD Tattoo Chronicles kit that my friend got me for my birthday! I don't know that I'll have time to post a full-on review, but I will say... I like the colors. The palette is usable for a number of looks and has quite a few AWESOME "neutral" shades. I'm excited to use it for upcoming looks in conjunction with my mineral stock. ^_^

On a final note... Kindle started offering Prime members a "library" option. I'm excited to see how that develops. I would be more than willing to pay a nominal monthly fee for unlimited "rentals" (if you will). I'm hoping that this offering is a test to see how many people would be interested. Any kindle/e-reader folks have insight? What do you think about it?

p.s. technically, right now you can "lend" books... so... if a bunch of folks got together they could theoretically create a library of their own. :-D YAY TECHNOLOGY!!!!