Wednesday, October 6, 2010

so excited about halloween makeup

ANF oily lid primer dark buff
fyrinnae pixie epoxy
NYX jumbo pencil in milk to inner v, under inner1/3 lower lash line and to highlight brow bone
fyrinnae electro-koi all over lid
shiro hyper beam to cut crease (blended well)
fyrinnae lust bunnies outer 1/3 lid and above outer crease (see pic)
e.l.f. liquid eyeliner to upper lashline extended out to form a wing
100% pure black tea mascara
morgana pumpkin eater to lips
Meow pampered puss foundation
meow wildchild GAL blush


I got some kick a$$ bday presents from my besties Sonia and Polly. They are below:

Reviews forthcoming!

playful pink challenge

my friend and I decided to do a playful challenge. We used only the following products to create different looks:
ANF oily lid primer in dark buff
NYX jumbo pencil in milk
Detrivore primer
Detrivore Mammoth
Detrivore Sexualis
Meow Guilty pleasures: Illegal in 50 states
Meow Taboo: centerfold blush
Meow pampered puss foundation
meow primer
fyrinnae setting powder
100% pure black tea mascara
erzuli naturagel liner in black
Here's what we came up with:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue and yellow

This one was yellow and blue. I just felt in the mood to use Detrivore's vile

fyrinnae primer
Detrivore Mushroom Blue to create cut crease
NYX jumbo pencil in nyx under lower lash line, inner v, and to highlight
fyrinnae pixie epoxy up to cut crease
Detrivore Vile to lid
Detrivore Brine to outer 1/3 lid
e.l.f. liquid liner black
100% pure mascara in black tea
Morgana Blueberry lipstick mixed with fyrinnae glitter kittiez

Meow cosmetics foundation
Meow cosmetics Taboo blush

Purple and Gold

I didn't even realize until AFTER I did it, but this is definitely an LSU look. ^_-

Here goes:
ANF oily lid primer in dark buff
Meow Guilty pleasures Lace Lengerie to cut crease
fyrinnae pixie epoxy under cut crease
Detrivore decadent to inner v and inner 1/3 lid
Meow Guilty Pleasures: Novel Nympho to middle of lid
Detrivore Mammoth to outer 1/3 lid
e.l.f. black liquid liner
100% pure black tea mascara

Meow Pampered puss foundation
Detrivore Harem blush

and I don't remember the lips... I think I just did colorless lippie