Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Goth Rosary

This review has been a long time coming... here goes! The Goth Rosary is an independent retailer of organic, vegan, kosher, hypoallergenic, unisex, gothic bath and body products. It was the brainchild of Antisally, beginning with luxury beaded gothic rosaries and blooming from there to encompass deodorant, powder, scrubs, delicious scents, soaps and candles. I was first introduced to this artisan through a good friend of mine in Houston and have since become an addict. I love these products so much that I provided her with demos of my band to give away as free gifts. (Although, I must confess, the arrangement was quite two sided and I am so thankful that she was willing to offer them as much as I). I will provide some brief reviews of the products I've tried.
deodorant I absolutely love this product! I actually only use this deodorant now (unless I'm going on a trip where I have to fly, then I use mystique, tom's, or some solid deodorant that I've made). It's a crystal spray deodorant. I think (besides the awesome scents) it's main appeal is the fact that it's natural and the cost is comparable to many store brands. It's not "antiperspirant". However, antiperspirants generally do more harm than good IMHO.
shampoo Her shampoo is gentle, paraben free (like all of her products) and smells AWESOME!!! It works super nice as a body wash, too.
conditioner This is another product I ADORE!!!! I tend to try and use body soap that I can wash my hair with because I'm a weird, hippie, goth, metal chick who values the utilitarian and is rather frugal. That being said, this product is something that I definitely have no problem purchasing. It also works really well as a shaving cream.
body and room spray I have several scents of this stuff. My favorite scents are Can't Wait Demeter, Heathen, Nocturnal and (of course) Samhain.
powder OMG... BEST PRODUCT EVER works as a carped deodorizer, dry shampoo, body powder, and the list goes on. I am in a band... so having such products as this for trips is like winning the lottery.
hand sanitizer Another winner. Easy, smells good, and comes in a small foam pump container.
face scrub This works well... it's just a regular sugar face scrub. I generally use "nothingness" (antisally's name for unscented) because the others make me sneeze for some reason... but only with the face scrubs. weird.
body scrub Feels super nice. This is a salt body scrub. I think she might have a sale on for the scrubs right now, actually.
incense If I could only purchase one product from the Goth Rosary (besides deodorant ^_-) it would be the Samhain incense sticks. It smells like haloween! For real!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
candles She has several different sizes to choose from now, but my favorite is still the little candles that come in coffin tins. You heard me right, ladies and gents, COFFIN TINS!!! SO CUTE!!!
Yes, not too many negative comments on here. I absolutely LOVE the Goth Rosary.

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