Monday, June 14, 2010

Goth Chick

They have officially changed my name in this movie I'm shooting to "goth chick". Below are some pics of todays gothy goodness makeup. I'm pretty sure she used morgana minerals joust, gauntlet, and fortress for the eyes and under the eye (and inner v) shiro pikachu. Pretty sure it was lined with a revlon pencil, but no more than that. We're gonna have to recreate this whole look tomorrow... so I'll try and find out for sure how to do it.

As for the face, they mixed some type of drug store cosmetics. Lips were lined with a black liner and filled with a mixture of morgana minerals grape and nightshade.

Me and the awesome hair (and makeup) goddess, Kari.

Kari (hair and makeup), Hannah (wardrobe), and moi

Lastly, but not leastly. Kari developed this KILLER hair style around this awesome skull comb I bought from Goth rosary some time ago... Here it be:


  1. The hairstyle and skull comb are super cute! And...didn't you say your character was supposed to be overly made up or something? I think the look is pretty neat.

  2. I love this goth look! Awesome lips & hair! x

  3. Originally, yes... dunno what happened... but the director went with it and so did the makeup/hair artists. I got to be the makeup/hair assistant, too... YAY!!!!

  4. and... thanks Jonna!!! I think they did a great job. And I really liked that they modified the goth look to play with my personality and preference for metal music when helping me create this character visually.