Thursday, June 10, 2010

Polly Pocket (pic heavy)

Here is miss Polly pocket with her makeover I did for her.

Face: I mixed Ecco Bella powder (I think the color is light... it's very neutral) and my mixture of meow cosmetics (2 parts Sleek Himalayan and 1 part Frisky Himalayan)

Cheeks: I contoured in the hollows of the cheeks with Meow Skinny Dippers in Medium Himalayan and then applied meow VIP Bombshell sparingly to the apples of the cheeks blending outward.

Eyes: Applied ANF oily lid primer from lash line to eyebrow and pixy epoxy over the lid and a bit into the crease.
Filled brows in with meow browbeaters in auburn
Highlighted with titania using ecotools blend brush
inner v and under eye with mew (shiro) using ecotools smudge brush
put twinkle twinkle little bat (fyrinnae) on lid using ecotools highlight brush
Applied candy coated to the crease with fyrinnae crease brush
put delvian (fyrinnae) between candy coated and twinkle twinkle little bat using shade brush
put a little mew above the outer arch of colored crease lightly using ecotools highlight brush
lined with erzuli gel liner in black using fyrinnae angled liner brush
applied 100% pure mascara in blackberry
morgana minerals lipstick in grape

and a kees for good measure! Now I'm ready for my makeover, lady!!!


  1. Pretty and the last picture is sweet!

  2. Thanks! I like taking stupid pics with my friends! hahaha. 75% of the time...Stupid Goofy = Fun IMHO.