Saturday, July 31, 2010


So... I stumbled upon this awesome web site with exercise routines and health tips a couple of weeks ago. My goal is to be firmer, faster, and stronger by my birthday (October 1st). Fellow blogger Blix brought up exercise in her post today and prompted me to go back to this site and see what new videos she had. Well, lucky for me she JUST started a 60 day challenge!!! Meant to be, right? I love this site, cuz Zuzana offers great explanations and the majority of her routines don't require any fancy equipment and can be easily modified to fit any level of fitness. Plus, it's free.

The website is and here's the first video of her 60 day challenge.

I'm excited...what do you think?


I wanted to do a mostly matte look today, but I still ended up layering the sparklies!!! I also wanted to try out my e.l.f. liners to see how they fare for the day. I did a test run of the primer yesterday, and it didn't do so well. It got super crease-y by the end of the day. Of course, there are two different primers and I've heard rave reviews about the other one.

Apply ANF dark primer up to right above the crease
Fyrrinae "Nonsense!" to lid and under eye
Fyrinnae "We're All Mad Here" layered atop

AL "Real Gone" to crease, widely
AL "Italian Ice" layered atop

GDE "Tokyo" tightly to crease
AL "Blue Monday" layered atop "Tokyo"
Fyrrinae "Princess of Darkness" layered atop "Tokyo"

e.l.f liquid liner from the back to school eyeliner trio
"black" on top
"silver" on bottom

Physician's Formula Healthy Wear Pressed foundation in spf 50
Meow mixture dusted lightly on top
Physician's Formula bronzer in light
Fyrinnae "Mineral Finishing Powder"

Alba "Coconut Cream Lip Balm"

Friday, July 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up (pic heavy)

Polly and I got dressed up Wed. and went to Ruta Maya.

You can see my dog, Romeo, and Polly's dog, Jimmy, playing...

Polly didn't want a full pic... but you can see the awesome jewelries!!!

And, yesterday, we went to Target to get some stuff so we could do Nails!:

Elf eyeliner brush
Elf eyeshadow brush
Elf concealer
Elf liquid eyeliner kit
and various colors of NYC nail polish

It was so much fun...we were joking that we felt 15 again! Here's what we came up with:

no miss base coat
NYC Empire State Blue
NYC Skin Tight Denim Cream as accent color
Applied mehandi Black Ice Glitter with topcoat to middle finger
Applied NYC Starry Silver Glitter over Empire State Blue
Applied mehandi Aurora Mermaid glitter with topcoat above accent color
no miss topcoat

No Miss Base Coat
NYC Luxury Lime Creme
Sally Hanson Xtreme wear Black Out Accent Color
Applied Mehandi Aurora Gold Glitter atop Lime Creme with top coat
Applied Mehandi Black Ice Glitter atop Black with top coat
No Miss Top Coat

No Miss Base Coat
NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme
No Miss Top Coat

Mad electric banana nonsense!

My look today was pretty easy...

no primer today
lid Fyrinnae "banana mochi" applied with domed brush also applied "banana mochi" to highlight
under eye Fyrinnae "electro koi" mixed with ANF "fix it"
widely and lightly in crease Fyrinnae "We're all mad here"
Tightly in crease Fyrinnae "electro koi"
Mixed Fyrinnae "Nonsense" with ANF "fix it" and applied to upper lash line as liner
mascara 100% pure black tea

Face: Meow mixture
Cheeks: Physician's formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 bronzer in Light


I tried another modified cut crease look today. I also (obviously) drew some inspiration from Egyptian makeup.

ANF "primer" first all over lid from lashline to eyebrows
ANF "Seal it"
Fyrinnae "Ancient Mirage" applied with domed brush to lid and to highlight
Fyrinnae "Ashes" mixed with ANF "Seal it" and applied a stark line on lash line and extended outward to meet cut crease line, which I applied in the same way
Fyrinnae "knickers in a twist" under eye and extended out
blended "Ashes" upwards with domed brush
Fyrinnae "delvian" to outer 2/3 of ashes, blended
Fyrinnae "species 8472" applied to outer lid, lightly with domed brush
Fyrinnae "leif" mixed with ANF "fix it" and applied directly under "ashes" line
Mascara: 100% pure Black Tea on top lashes
100% pure blackberry on lower lashes
Detrivore "Clotted" Applied using a straight edge LIGHTLY (this product is EXTREMELY pigmented... be careful) a la Joan Jett back in the day and blended upward
Mixture of meow

EOTD - shiro

So... I felt comfy enough to do eyeshadow... but not mascara yet. I did a modified cut crease look.

I used anf primer in dark and pixy epoxy

Pikachu under eye, on lid and slightly into crease
Mew under outer portion of eyes and around pikachu to outer 2/3 of crease lightly
Hyper beam (mixed with anf mixing medium) applied to crease then blended up
Squirtle lightly over pikachu and hyper beam on outer corner of eyes
Articuno to highlight

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So... I didn't realize until the end of the day that we ran out of deodorant (my boyfriend and I... BOTH!!!) and I didn't feel like going to the grocery store... so... I made some!
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/4 cup goth rosary body powder (I had heathen)
1/4 cup baking soda

I just mixed those bad boys up and voila! They certainly smell good... I'll report back on how well they work - but I will say that I use goth rosary under my breasts and that keeps them quite dry... even if I choose to go braless! And that says a lot because I live in Austin, TX.

Update 07.25.10:
I wore it all day today and the deodorant worked quite well!!!

Eye spy

So... My eyes are still giving me troubles, BUT I finally did something I've been putting off for a long time. There are a number of creative projects in the works... Some of which I may start selling, should there be enough positive feedback. This particular project is soap making. I know, you say, everybody makes soap! Well, I'm a big fan of soaps from The Goth Rosary and Austin Natural Soap, but neither have exactly what I'm looking for as far as soap (although, Austin Natural Soap comes pretty close with their Hippy Hollow soap!). Don't Get me wrong... The Goth Rosary has some DELICIOUS scents, as does Austin Natural Soap... and they're both local, organic, cruelty free, and etc but I wanted something that would be super moisturizing, VERY lightly scented, and usable for face, body and hair. I just finished my prototype, so we'll see how it works. It's super simple... only maybe 5 or 6 ingredients. It will be another month or so before it's ready for testing, but I'll keep you posted! Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow after I take them out of the molds.

P.S. For those of you who HAVEN'T tried the Goth Rosary or Austin Natural Soap... you should. You can also check out my Goth Rosary Review here and I will probably do an Austin Natural Soap review in the future.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's just one thing after another this month!!! My eyes (the left one in particular) got scratched somehow and I can't do makeups for a week or two till they heal. I'm really lucky that they don't hurt too bad, but it's tough to see and I'm sad about not being able to do makeup or contacts for a while. :-( Ah, well... I will continue checking in with my makeup blogger faves to see what they come up with in the mean time and if I find anything that knocks my socks off I'll link it here. ^_^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Okeee... so here's my EOTD today

I used fyrinnae today
pixie epoxy to lid and crease
banana mochi to lid, inner v, and under eye
We're all mad here widely to crease
curiouser and curiouser! tightly to crease
lined upper lash line with curiouser and curiouser! (used ANF seal it)
100% pure mascara in black tea

Jeez... you can see how exhausted I am from my trip, still! Lucky for you... I went to a couple awesome indie restaurants in Denver... So I'll have feedback forthcoming about them!


So... this EOTD is from Saturday. I can't remember the rest of the face stuff.. I know, epic fail. It was pretty easy, because I had a flight home SUPER early in the morning.
I used Pixie Epoxy,
the inner 1/3, outer 1/3 and under the eye was Detrivore "sexualis"
the middle 1/3 of lid was GDE "dirty jeans"
Aromaleigh "vampire" in the crease, widely
Manic Panic "black magic" tightly in crease
Lined with erzuli fat liner (but used a bent liner brush)
Mascara was 100% pure blackberry

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I will be out of town for the next week or so at a writers workshop, so I won't be posting any looks or musings. I may check in randomly to see what everyone else has up, though. ^_^

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Creativity

The other day I did some "special FX makeup" (not really... was totally just messing around) BUT... this is what I came up with:

My boyfriend decided to paint black stripes on a white shirt and talk Sam into dressing like the hamburgler. Of course, the hamburgler needs a mask! So... I pulled out some old halloween makeup (I got it cheap after halloween, you know the kind use it once and it dries up) and went to town on his face.

For those of you wondering... we totally walked into Mcdonalds dressed like that and got the goods to take this picture. YEEES!!!

I also decided that since the pallette also had red and white I would draw some stuff on myself... here's what I came up with.

I used red, black, white and a cheap-o stippling brush


this bad boy is in the running to be the eye makeup for the photo shoot:

Here goes:

Shiro "Pikachu" - inner crease, under eye and inner 1/4 of lid and crease
Aromaleigh "tainted love" - lid (blend with pikachu on the inner portion
Fyrinnae "banana mochi" - highlight
Fyrinnae "electro-koi" crease
Manic Panic "black magic" - tightly on crease

My face was just a mixture of meow and ecco bella
Cheeks were Detrivore "gallows" (lightly)
and I highlighted my cheekbones with Physician's Formula bronzer (healthy skin spf 50 stuff)
lips were a little bit of hempseed oil and "son of psalm" lip balm from The Goth Rosary.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm going to be doing a photo shoot pretty soon where my boys and I (The band) will be dressed in garb that quite obviously evokes clockwork orange as visual inspiration. What do you think would be a good color combination for my eyes?
What's in the running:
a yellow and black color combination (The band name is bee sting sessions)
a bold look with black, white and red
blues and white
A very nude color palette

I will definitely do false eyelashes and make sure to favor one eye, but I'm not sure what else I could do... what do you think?


This look has a lot of vibrant summer colors. Mostly Pinks, Greens and a teency purple. Makes me think of lollipops.

Pixie epoxy to lid, crease, inner v, and under eye
Detrivore "Sexualis" inner v, first 1/3 of lid, and highlight
Shiro "Butterfree" under eye and inner v (blended with sexualis)
Aromaleigh "psychocandy" 2nd 1/3 of lid
GDE "Phyrra" outer 1/3 of lid
Shiro "Bulbasaur" crease
Erzuli Naturagel liner in "black" lined upper lash line
100% pure "blackberry" mascara

Meow pampered puss mixture (equal parts himalayan 1+2)
Detrivore "Gallows" Blush

Fyrinnae "lickable"

What does it make you think of?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day to night... avant garde style

Trying another avant garde look tonight.
I had an interview this morning, so I had to try and keep it neutral.

Here's what I used:
Morgana Minerals "joust" inner v and under eye
Shiru "Charmander" on lid
Aromaleigh "italian ice" highlight
Aromaleigh "black angel" crease (a thin line above lid to outer corner of eye to be blended with crease color)
meow wild child "Geek Cred" crease
Aromaleigh "Bad reputation" outer corner of lid and into crease blended well
Lined upper lash with Erzuli naturagel liner in black and extended to create wide wings... blended the wings to create a smokey cat eye
Boots no7 mascara

Detrivore "Gallows"
Meow Pampered puss Sphynx 1+2 mixture
Fyrinnae "Deceptive Innocence"

Now... onto my night look... I added a branch with little flowers. I created the branch with Erzuli naturagel liner in black. Some of the flowers were Detrivore "sexualis" (using the same brush I created the branch with... didn't wash it to make it a bit darker). Then, I washed the brush and mixed Aromaleigh "psychocandy" and Shiru "jigglypuff" to create the rest. Lastly, I dipped a blending brush in Shiru "bulbasaur" and applied lightly around the flowers.

Great(ish) Expectations

So... here's my plug. Margo, from Great(ish) Expectations is starting to do a "Dear Abbey" type series on her blog. You can read the first one I've seen here and the most recent one here. She's also doing a giveaway today... I'm pretty sure you can still enter. Either way, though, this lady is a super gifted artist and her blog is full of some awesome insight on dating that is, IMHO, applicable to most relationships. In fact, as soon as I become less broke (notice, no recent makeup hauls... hahaha) I'm going straight to her etsy site and buying some pretties!

I LOOOOOVE this little guy. (Of course, bee colors!)

These bad boys are also RIGHT up my alley!