Thursday, August 5, 2010

Night man inspired makeup

Today, I did night man inspired makeup.

ANF primer "dark buff" on lid and into crease
NYX pencil "milk" under eye, inner v, inner 1/3 of lid and to highlight
Shiro "Mewtwo" patted onto inner 3/4 of lid
Shiro "Zubat" on outer 1/4 of lid and creating a cat eye
Shiro "Squirtle" lightly over "Mewtwo" and "Zubat"
GDE "Ladies Night" to cut crease
e.l.f. black liquid liner from their back to school kit to upper lash line creating a wing and into outer 1/4 of lower line
black eyeliner pencil to lower water line and lower lash line
boots no7 mascara
applied dots above left wing and below right wing with e.l.f. black liquid liner
Physician's formula healthy wear spf 50
meow pampered puss
AL corset
nothing in the pics... but I will be wearing Alba lip balm and lip balm from Austin Natural Soap (they put a teency bit of mica in it, so it's got a silver-ish shimmer)


  1. Love it!

    And now I've got "Day Man" in my head, which is actually great. (Usually I get annoying songs stuck in my head, and not ones I like to have on repeat.) :)

  2. hahaha. YAY!!! I was thinking SOMEONE would get the reference! ^_^

  3. Oh, yay! I was afraid it might be some comic book reference I completely missed, but I was hoping. I looooooove IASID, especially Charlie.

  4. Plus the winged eyeliner is kind of cat's-eye-y, which reminded me of Mac's bs karate and cat's-eye lenses.