Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green and Blue FOTD

I did a blue/green look today
e.l.f. primer
outer v (from lash line to crease line and a bit in) "olivia green"
under "olivia green" and in(so it will almost look like they alternate in the middle) "mingles"
inner v and under eye "disco white"
pixie epoxy under cut crease
"shamrock" next to inner v (approx inner 1/3 of lid)
Fyrinnae "rebellion" middle 1/3 of lid
Fyrinnae "curiouser and curiouser!" to outer 1/3 lid
Fyrinnae "hypercool" mixed with ANF "fix it" mixing medium applied to upper lash line and out into a wing as well as outer 1/3 lower lash line
100% pure mascara "black tea"

Meow cosmetics "flirt" to cheeks

manic panic "vampire red" lipliner
Herbal mineral natural gloss stick "berry pink"

Kissies! ^_^


  1. Nice FOTD. Love those colors on your eye. They almost look like liquid metal. ;)

  2. Soooo pretty! And I love the sharp corners - did you use tape for them?

  3. @lacquer ware - Such pretty pigments! ^_^
    @Kathy - Thanks! I actually drew them out first, as part of the cut crease - y look.

  4. Then your hand is way steadier than mine, because that is an awesome job!

  5. Thanks!
    @Kathy... Maybe not - I generally start with a REALLY fine line and then build them up slowly to make them match. It also helps that I use mineral pigments - cuz I feel like they blend better!