Saturday, July 31, 2010


So... I stumbled upon this awesome web site with exercise routines and health tips a couple of weeks ago. My goal is to be firmer, faster, and stronger by my birthday (October 1st). Fellow blogger Blix brought up exercise in her post today and prompted me to go back to this site and see what new videos she had. Well, lucky for me she JUST started a 60 day challenge!!! Meant to be, right? I love this site, cuz Zuzana offers great explanations and the majority of her routines don't require any fancy equipment and can be easily modified to fit any level of fitness. Plus, it's free.

The website is and here's the first video of her 60 day challenge.

I'm excited...what do you think?


  1. Oooooh....then again we were always "go get 'em" types.....BTW I also something really cool on TV done by Para-Troops and Marines...Where you do pushups and excercises with thick parachute straps (They same kind they shout to them "DAMN IT AIRBORNE UNCLIP THE STRAP!"when the are on the drop towers at Airborne School) I am thinking about giving that a go...and it is better on your ankles and knees...

  2. AWESOME!!! I was mostly draw to this because it's only 12 minutes a day! I can DEFINITELY manage that!!! LMK how yours works. ^_^

  3. This looks pretty sweet! Thanks for mentioning it. I also plugged to you over on Blix's comments - they've got alot of free workout vids on their site, too. But this 60-day challenge looks neat.