Friday, July 30, 2010


I tried another modified cut crease look today. I also (obviously) drew some inspiration from Egyptian makeup.

ANF "primer" first all over lid from lashline to eyebrows
ANF "Seal it"
Fyrinnae "Ancient Mirage" applied with domed brush to lid and to highlight
Fyrinnae "Ashes" mixed with ANF "Seal it" and applied a stark line on lash line and extended outward to meet cut crease line, which I applied in the same way
Fyrinnae "knickers in a twist" under eye and extended out
blended "Ashes" upwards with domed brush
Fyrinnae "delvian" to outer 2/3 of ashes, blended
Fyrinnae "species 8472" applied to outer lid, lightly with domed brush
Fyrinnae "leif" mixed with ANF "fix it" and applied directly under "ashes" line
Mascara: 100% pure Black Tea on top lashes
100% pure blackberry on lower lashes
Detrivore "Clotted" Applied using a straight edge LIGHTLY (this product is EXTREMELY pigmented... be careful) a la Joan Jett back in the day and blended upward
Mixture of meow

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  1. I looooove this look, especially the Egyptian touch. Gorgeous!