Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's just one thing after another this month!!! My eyes (the left one in particular) got scratched somehow and I can't do makeups for a week or two till they heal. I'm really lucky that they don't hurt too bad, but it's tough to see and I'm sad about not being able to do makeup or contacts for a while. :-( Ah, well... I will continue checking in with my makeup blogger faves to see what they come up with in the mean time and if I find anything that knocks my socks off I'll link it here. ^_^


  1. Hey - should maybe be asking this on a different site, but I'm being lazy and asking it here. Do you still have any physical cds of Bee Sting Sessions available, or is it just the mp3s on the site?

  2. Here is fine! Thanks for asking... I also posted my response on the band site. We will have some cd's available soon. Unfortunately, we probably won't be producing physical EP's anymore... I'm very particular about the type of packaging we use. In a digital age I really want it to be AWESOME quality when people purchase physical cd's and the boys are in total agreement with me. We're in the process of recording for a full length album, so we're probably going to remix the songs and package them with the full length when it's done, which will be no later than the end of this year... maybe earlier (fingers crossed). Also, right now the mp3s are unavailable because we're working through a minor snafu, but THAT shouldn't be more than a month. Hope that answers your questions, but if not feel free to contact me on any medium that's most convenient for you! ^_^

  3. It does answer my question, thanks! I'll keep an eye on the band site, and snag the mp3s when they're available. :D