Friday, December 23, 2011

Pink Eye... er... you know what I mean. ^_- 12.23.2011

Hello, all. Today, I decided to get UBERgirly and do a pink look! Here's what I used:

Fyrinnae - Princess of Darkness
Fyrinnae- Candy Coated
Shiro - Mew
Venomous Cosmetics - Pegasus
e.l.f. - Mineral Eye Liner: Black

Kat VonD - Puro Amor Mascara: Black

Meow - Shattered Equinox Blush: Rhetorical Ruin
Meow - Skinny Dippers: Medium Himalayan
Meow - Pampered 0: Inquisitive Himalayan

e.l.f. - Mineral Lip Liner: Peach
Spell - Lip Gloss: In Silence
Herbal Mineral - Natural Gloss Stick: Berry Pink

I also did a neat-o up-do. I just parted my hair down the middle (I generally like to do a more zig-zag style part... so I did) and reverse french braided each side to create two braided buns on either side. (Princess Leia style? Not quite... I have a better trick for THAT! ^_-)

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