Thursday, September 16, 2010

steampunk egypt inspired makeup

I just got a detrivore and meow order I made and most of the colors are very fall. There were quite a few decadent browns, shimmery golds, and other warm, autumn colors. (swatches forthcoming). Anywho... I was excited to put them together and the colors just evoke steampunk and egyptian for me (simultaneously). Both awesome inspirations, I think! Here goes:

fyrinnae primer
detrivore primer
Detrivore "mammoth" to crease, outer 1/2 lower lash line, and connected creating a v
Detrivore "decadence" to highlight under brow
Meow "Guilty Pleasures: novel nympho" to inner v, inner 1/3 lid and inner 1/2 under lower lash line
Detrivore "vile" to middle 1/3 lid
Meow "Guilty Pleasures: illegal in 50 states" to outer 1/3 lid
Detrivore "mammoth" blended with "illegal iin 50 states" on outer edge
e.l.f. liquid liner in "coffee"
Hard candy 1,000 lashes in "divine purple"
Detrivore "harem" blush
Morgana "pumpkin eater" on lips
I also used meow cosmetics frisky himalayan for foundation (but I mixed a bit of inquisitive and sleek in there to lighten it up a bit)


  1. Agh, woman! You are responsible for my Detrivore wishlist being longer than I'll ever be able to work through! (I don't really mind, though.)

    I love steampunk, and Egyptian, and especially steampunk + Egyptian, so this look is awesome! I especially love the Mammoth.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love how you did such a super thin cut crease, it really brings attention to the awesome shaping of the eyeshadows. It looks so even and perfect.

  3. @Kathy - YAY egyptian steampunk!!! You can't see it, but mammoth has some purple-y sparkle to it. It's breathtaking! And, yeah, my Detrivore wish list is SUPER extensive! lol!
    @Heather - thanks! I think I used a push liner brush to create that thin cut crease.

  4. Dude! I didn't even know about push liner brushes, and now that I've googled it, I need one.

  5. I just used this cheap-o one from e.l.f. I often use an Ecotools shade brush from the travel kit for the same or similar, too.